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R. Alter Tzvi Amdurer

R. Alter Tzvi (Harry) Amdurer was born in Manchester, England and was educated at Manchester Jewish Grammar School before attending Yeshivos in Israel and England before studying Mathematics and Accountancy at Manchester University. He lives with his wife and two children in Ra'anana, Israel.
R. Alter Tzvi Amdurer

13 Years of Shiurim

This website is a compilation of some 13 years of Shiurim on subjects ranging from the Talmud, Tanakh, Jewish Philosophy, Jewish History and Jewish Ethics.

The Shiurim are designed to be a compendium of the Scriptural, Theological, Philosophical, and Moral issues raised by some of the Torah’s diverse approaches to what the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy describes as “life, the universe and everything”. It focuses on the analysis of those issues that the Holy Rabbis and sages of Israel pondered throughout the ages, a range of Jewish thinkers and authorities, from ancient to contemporary. Many “apparent” Textual problems exist in the wording of the Tanakh and the Talmud which would otherwise be irreconcilable, were it not for the teachings of our Holy Rabbis based on the Mesorah (Tradition) of the Oral Law as seen through the eyes of Chazal חז"ל. There is no personal or political agenda here, just merely an attempt to convey the thoughts and thinking of some of the greatest minds in history. As always, I am indebted to Hashem שעשה לי כל צרכי, and to my teachers, Harav Hagaon Dayan Gershon Lopian זצ"ל, my Rebbi for thirty years, and to Hagaon Rabbi Aharon Rakeffet שליט"א, my Rebbi since 2005. ~~~~ R. Alter Tzvi Amdurer Ra’anana, Israel Shvat 5779 – January 2019